1. Anonymous
    13th February 2012 @ 4:31 pm

    AIR would've been called "Pugga" in Australia, and I can't say anything against that.


  2. Anonymous
    14th February 2012 @ 4:36 am

    Yep, that Lee Brimlow post sent me sideways – can't bring himself to speak the truth about what he himself is saying.

    As for me – well I build web aps that need the power of flash – so basically from now on – people are going to need to install an app to see the web page or look at it on their pc – great.

    So that means – you will need 10-20million apps to see the web….its so stupid.


  3. Videometry.net
    14th February 2012 @ 11:12 am

    I agree that it's not optimal (== stupid) from a technical point of view. Why install an app when you can have it web based, right? After all, phones have limited storage/processing power. But there are 3 other factors that come into play; access to the phones resources, behaviour of users and not least the business model.

    Native apps are probably going to be better if they can understand and use the input methods and data available (for example GPS, vibrate, giro, images from camera, etc.)
    This is difficult and dangerous through a web plugin, and therefore hard to compete with native apps. AIR is built to make it possible to utilise what is available, when that in itself is not ubiquitous.

    Users who want more than a text/image experience are more likely to look in an app store than on the web (this is an unsubstantiated guess on my part, but I believe it's true).

    It is far easier to sell an app, then to take a subscription or one time payment for a website.
    That certainly is true, and can be used as a sales argument. Naturally apps are going to be free in many cases, if they are an alternative to a web based experience.

    I reckon a few years down the road we will realise that actually we don't want loads of apps, just access to them, the same way we would prefer many of our PC applications to be web based rather than purchasing them on CD ROM(!)


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